How to Transfer Your Joomla Site To A New Host?

Tips for shifting Joomla site to a new host

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Your Joomla website might be reaping numerous business advantages for you, but there is something that is still missing. The question "What exactly is it that is missing?" might cross your mind, and it is normal. The answer is that you might miss the benefits that come when you transfer to a new hosting provider. Transferring your site to a new host is not a complex process, but it can give you a headache and website hosting migration mistakes if you do it for the first time. This article is all about how to transfer your Joomla site to a new host. Read on to know more!

Transfer Your Joomla Site to new hosting

Tips for Shifting Joomla Site to a New Host:

Various driving reasons could force you to transfer your Joomla site to a new web hosting provider. Being a flexible content management system (CMS), Joomla does not fit all the web hosting servers, and it takes special features to operate well. Being a Joomla owner, if you are unsatisfied with your current host, this post will help you switch to a new one. Let us explore further. 

1. Select a reliable Joomla Hosting Plan:

You can only think of quitting your current host if you have selected a new one. It is probably the very first thing you need to do. Finding a Joomla-optimized hosting provider is not easy since numerous companies claim to be the best. Most of them will claim to have Joomla support for your site, but as you know from your current host, mere support won't work. 

The best you can do is find a reliable host who can offer you Joomla-optimized hosting services. You better opt for a server that is specially built for Joomla websites. Are you thinking about how to find such reliable hosts? Stop thinking and connect with website hosting Dubai companies today! 

2. Backup your Website and Data:

Now that you have a reliable hosting provider at your fingertip, the next thing is to backup your Website. All the sensitive data and files of your Website need to be saved to your computer, and you can do it with a few clicks. 

You can export all the essential data, files, and tables to your computer. It would be best to convert the saved files to a .zip file and save them on the computer drive once done. Knowing the control panel and its operation is necessary, and it will help when you are transferring your files and data.

3. Transfer the Database and Files:

You need to create a new account with your new host under the same domain name. Once done, you need to upload the files to your new account into the root folder. Keep in mind that you can only upload files to the root folder if you are going with the old domain name. In the case of a new domain name, you need to add the domain. 

Once the files are uploaded to the root or other folder, the next necessary thing is to extract all the files. You need to ensure all the files are extracted to the main folder. In the case of extraction to a subfolder, it would be best to transfer all the extracted files to the main folder. Once done, connect all the files to the database and configure it along with the user name and password. 

4. Change the Server Names of Domain:

The next thing you should do is to change the name servers of your domain. Most customers have their server names registered with a third party. In that case, they need to log in to their account and change the names. If your names are saved with your current host, it would be best to transfer your domain to an independent registrar. 

It would be tomfoolery if you kept your domain and hosting at the same company. It will take a few hours to reflect the new names once you have made the changes. So don't grow impatient! 

5. Test, and test again!

The new host will provide you with a demo URL to test your Website clone before transferring to the new host. Your domain is now connected to the new hosting account with updated name servers. To make sure your Joomla site is working perfectly on the new host, you need to test it. 

The best way is to randomly access different web pages and functionalities of your Joomla site. You can post new things if you have a blog section to see if it is working fine. There are fewer errors when you connect with reliable website hosting companies since they provide streamlined plans. 

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